Broomfield LCC

Local Coordinating Council

About Us

Our Vision

Broomfield LCC’s mission is to promote and develop efficient, accessible, seamless, equitable, responsive, and easy-to-arrange transportation options for the City and County of Broomfield.

The Broomfield LCC is developing a multi-agency regional partnership to work collaboratively to leverage resources, build capacity and identify sustainable funding sources for the coordination of human services related transit. We will identify and implement long range plans and policies that will ensure seamless, intra-county, affordable and accessible human services transportation services in an efficient and effective manner.

What is a Local Coordinating Council?

A Local Coordinating Council (LCC) is a formal alliance of community organizations, individuals, local government, and other interested groups that works together to identify and fulfill the public and human service transportation needs of our community.

What coordination efforts are going on now?

In addition to the strategic plan, the Broomfield LCC is

engaged in the following activities to help meet the county’s

projected mobility needs:

  • Identifying barriers to providing, coordinating, and expanding human services transportation
  • Identifying best practices for funding human services transportation and coordination to improve efficiencies
  • Educating decision makers and the community about the importance of independent living and aging in place and the impact of cost effective transportation
  • Advocating for policies that support multiple transportation modes
  • Advocating for policies that support these coordination efforts

How can you help?

Help us meet projected mobility needs and allow residents to live a full and engaged, independent life in our County.

  • Join the LCC if you are a transportation service agency, your clients use public systems, or you or a loved one use these services
  • Advocate for increased transportation funding
  • Support safe, affordable options for those who do not or cannot drive themselves

Special Thanks: Funding for the Broomfield LCC website was provided in full by DRMAC, the Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council

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