Advancing Mobility in Broomfield & Beyond

Broomfield LCC Board of Directors

LCC Chair: Teague Kirkpatrick

As LCC Administrator, Teague is responsible for coordinating and organizing the Broomfield LCC's mission, vision and direction. Teague invites all interested parties to contact him directly at

Logistics Coordinator: Jennifer Hussey

Jennifer leads the coordination, scheduling and general logistics of all Broomfield LCC monthly meetings,  special events, advocacy initiatives and educational/training sessions.

Educational Advancement: Bob Davis

In order to help us fulfill our mission, Broomfield LCC members and participants invite local, regional and national professionals to provide education and insights on all things related to mobility. Bob Davis ensure that a well rounded education is regular component of our agenda.

RTD Connection: Sarah Grant

A Transit Nerd at heart, Sarah Grant keeps the Broomfield LCC members and participants up to date with all local and regional RTD initiatives and updates. 

Partnership Liaison: Kate Williams

The Broomfield LCC is grateful to be part of a growing community of mobility advocates. With so many great partners, Kate Williams helps manage and promote strong, fruitful and mutually-beneficial partnerships across the City, County and State. 

City & County Administrator: David Jones

The LCC is proud to be part of the City & County of Broomfield Community. David Jones assists in LCC's communication exchange and growing partnership with CCB staff and administration.

City Council Liaison: Ed Miccio

As the City Council Liaison, Ed Miccio keeps the group informed and updated on important City Council initiatives and events, as well as coordinating LCC efforts in advocacy and participation.

Director of Technology & Web Services: Teague Kirkpatrick

Teague Kirkpatrick is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all IT and website functions for the Broomfield LCC.